How To Introduce SMS Into Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy: Text Message Mastery

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February 20, 2024

Much has been said about the importance of running multichannel marketing communication. At the same time, many argue that there's nothing new to be added about SMS, since the channel has been with us for years. Today we aim to challenge this notion and focus specifically on this very service, which constitutes a part of omnichannel messaging indeed. How crucial is the incorporation of SMS for an effective mobile marketing strategy? And what are the best practices for implementing it? Let’s find out.

Making SMS marketing a part of a wider omnichannel marketing strategy

Today, it's the consumer, not the brand, that holds sway and the evidence for it is all around us. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious, not only of their needs, but also of technology. As the world evolves and everyday life becomes more digitized, the expectation of higher standards extends to relationships with brands.

In 2024, relying on the one size fits all advertising approach no longer cuts it. At the same time, maintaining message consistency across all channels is essential. According to research by IAB, when consumers encounter consistent messaging across multiple channels, their purchase intent increases by 90%. Coherent marketing efforts also enhance brand perception among audiences by up to 68%.

Thus, automating your SMS marketing strategy becomes necessary to make your omnichannel communication efforts yield better results.

Benefits of SMS marketing

In many ways, marketing is evolving towards a conversation between the brand and the consumer. The significance of dialogue over monologue is key to success. In this context, SMS communication proves highly effective due to its simplicity, seamlessly fitting into this paradigm. Research indicates a sky-high open rate, with 99% of text messages being read, and a response initiated within an average of 90 seconds from receipt. Companies incorporating SMS into their multichannel customer experience can foster stronger relationships with customers and prospects, ultimately achieving increased sales.

Text messages are considered one of the most potent marketing channels, and their utilization within an omnichannel communication strategy enhances their effectiveness. Compared to channels like Email, Mobile Push notifications, or social media, SMS boasts significantly higher deliverability and generates higher engagement.

It’s worth emphasizing that using multiple channels together is a significantly more effective strategy. No single communication method is perfect for all message types, as each channel has its specifics and should be utilized in a slightly different manner and for different purposes. SMS marketing is most effective for short, highly personalized messages with a clear and concise call to action. Longer text campaigns or visually intensive content may be better received, for example, through Email or RCS chats.

Multichannel marketing enables companies to deliver messages tailored to demographic needs, devices, and purchase intent. Here are a few examples and best practices for incorporating SMS messages into your communication efforts.

How brands can use text messages in omnichannel communication 

Savvy brands aiming to master the omnichannel strategy recognize the power of SMS, embracing it to increase user engagement by pairing it with other channels for maximum impact of their marketing mix. This helps create a deeper company-consumer connection, translating into greater returns.

Leverage SMS as part of omnichannel communication

  • Implement marketing software to efficiently send your SMS at scale. 

  • Avoid sending everything to everyone at once. Spread your SMS campaigns over time to achieve the highest response rate. 

  • Employ SMS to support Email marketing engagements with a time-limited offer in case of a non-response from a user. Send an SMS to follow up on a message that previously didn't get the desired action from the customer.

  • Analyze the effectiveness of various channels and reinforce the message with subsequent communications after a designated period, while avoiding contacting users who have already responded to an earlier message in another channel. 

  • Utilize knowledge about your audience's behaviors in other channels and your website to understand their needs and interests for future communication.

These are just some of the ways in which leading brands use text messages to achieve results in a broader omnichannel communication strategy, where Email and SMS work in tandem. Keen to see similar results? Here are the steps to get started.

How to integrate SMS into an omnichannel strategy 

Consider the following steps to effectively include SMS in your multi-channel marketing communication efforts:

  • Encourage opt-in across other communication channels like social media, Email, mobile app, or your website. Make sure you obtain explicit consent to send SMS.

  • Implement targeted practices to make your text message marketing address specific user groups and their needs.

  • Segment your database based on demographics, industry, interests, and any other information about current and potential customers. 

  • Personalize the content and include a clear CTA, for example, in the form of a shortened link. Evaluate results – are you generating a return on investment from these efforts? Continuous monitoring of results and adapting your strategy based on observed patterns is crucial for the success of an omnichannel campaign.

As with any new initiative you undertake, incorporating SMS marketing campaigns into a multichannel strategy may involve some trial and error. However, keep in mind that text messages consistently deliver better results than many other channels and should be a part of any well-designed and effective digital marketing campaign.

Use SMS marketing platform to enhance your strategy

If you want to get started with SMS marketing, contact our experts at MessageFlow who’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need to get started.

Our platform utilizes direct connections with GSM operators in various local markets to send high-quality traffic globally at a 99% delivery rate. The tech infrastructure we’ve built over 20 years allows for a throughput of up to 6 mln messages per hour to ensure your SMS campaigns always arrive on time, with no queuing. A slew of security measures we offer, including an advanced anti-phishing shield, make sure you and your customers stay safe. Use the built-in system or take advantage of the flexible RESTful API to send both promotional SMS and transactional SMS at scale.

And since MessageFlow is in fact a comprehensive customer engagement platform, you may want to combine SMS with other channels to reach wider audiences still. If you happen to offer a mobile app, learn how you can make Mobile Push notifications a part of your marketing strategy.

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