5 Reasons To Implement Mobile Push Notifications in Your Marketing Strategy

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February 13, 2024

In today's business landscape, an increasing number of companies are embracing mobile applications as a tool for communicating with customers. Continuously staying in touch with app users is a key element of an effective marketing strategy. Various tools may be employed for this purpose, and one of the most effective of them is Mobile Push notifications. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of implementing this communication channel and how it can be used to enhance user engagement and improve your business outcomes.

Types of Push notifications for various app marketing strategies

Transactional Push notifications

They play a vital role in providing users with information related to the actions they've taken such as confirming purchases or updating order statuses. Businesses leverage these to enhance customer experience and build trust. 

Marketing Push notifications

Marketers send notifications of this type to promote products or services, guiding users toward desired actions within a website or app.

Targeted Push notifications

These are highly personalized Push notifications including message content based on various user data points. ensuring a personalized and engaging communication strategy. They can be made a part of different Push notification campaigns to maximize impact.

Mobile notifications may also be grouped according to the format they take.

Text Push notifications

They offer a concise yet impactful way to deliver information swiftly to the app users who opted in to receive Push notifications. 

Rich Push notifications

App Push notifications of this format take it a step further by incorporating visuals or interactive elements, enhancing engagement and user experience. 

CTA Push notifications

These Push notifications provide compelling calls-to-action, prompting users to take specific actions. When integrated into a Push campaign, they contribute to a dynamic and effective marketing communication approach, ensuring users receive engaging content and are guided towards meaningful interactions.

Best practices for Push notification marketing

The best practices for sending Push notifications to mobile devices include personalized and relevant messages delivered in a timely manner that help you strengthen your brand image and ultimately generate a conversion. Importantly, Push messages, especially when combined with other channels, hold the potential to lower the overall cost of communication.  

1. Sending crucial time-sensitive messages in real-time

Getting current information about essential changes that may impact the recipient’s daily life is a key benefit of Push notifications. Through them, users stay up-to-date with the latest changes regarding reservations, travel plans, or order statuses. Importantly, these notifications are highly effective. Unlike Emails, they’re hard to overlook, making sure your message is always delivered at a time when the user can promptly respond or take other relevant actions.

Mobile app Pushes offer much more than just current information. Making use of data such as the target device, browsing history, geolocation, user information, number of viewed pages, or completed conversion, it becomes possible to personalize content and send real-time Pushes, making a greater impact.

This means that users receive only notifications that are relevant to them, thus enhancing their engagement and satisfaction with using the application.

2. Contributing to brand image and recognition

Mobile Push notifications constitute a comprehensive marketing channel through which additional valuable information about the brand can be conveyed. To create a consistent and cohesive brand image, consider implementing the following guidelines:

  • Craft messages aligned with the values, visual style, and voice of your company. 

  • Send personalized updates related to your business activities. 

  • Create marketing content that addresses the needs and interests of your target audience. 

  • Implement loyalty programs and promotions to encourage customers to regularly engage with the brand. 

  • Maintain content consistency across multiple channels - omnichannel communication.

3. Keeping an always-open line of contact with customers and premium users

Whether trying to recover abandoned carts or inform about upcoming sales, Mobile Pushes serve as the perfect means to re-engage customers. Companies in the retail and ecommerce industries recognize that focusing on users who have already interacted with their products or services is an effective way to acquire valuable customers and eventually transform them into loyal buyers. Additionally, it presents an excellent opportunity to remind premium users about products that are particularly fitting with their interests.

This approach is referred to as remarketing, and mobile notifications sent via apps represent the most effective way to reconnect with customers and run remarketing efforts.

4. Personalizing messages for more effective CTAs

Personalization is among the factors having the greatest impact on the success of your marketing efforts. Communication ran via a mobile application allows you to address customers by name, include canned text messages based on the items they’ve shown interest in, or further personalize the copy using any of the zero-party data they shared with you during registration.

Customers receiving content tailored to interests and needs translates into greater effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Users feel a greater sense of closeness and engagement from the company, which produces more clicks and other desired actions such as purchases or registrations.

5. Reducing the cost of communication

Both Push messages and SMS are channels with limited message length, however, they differ in some other aspects. Unlike the rather costly MMS, Mobile Pushes allow you to include imagery and personalize, all while being accessible at a significantly lower cost.

Using Mobile Push notifications in your marketing strategy to build customer relations

In summary, Push notifications are a powerful tool for shaping your business strategy and communicating with customers. You can use them to maintain constant contact with app users, convey crucial information, and build a strong brand recognition. Every action taken within the app serves as a valuable data point you can leverage for future content personalization and delivery of real-time notifications.

Sending important situational information or notifications about promotions and sales are just a few examples of the benefits that come with the implementation of Mobile Push communication. This approach also allows for customer retargeting and the acquisition of valuable leads, all contributing to your sales growth.

Implementing Push notification service for your mobile app

Excited about transforming your business communication by using Push notification services? Explore the possibilities and elevate your marketing game with our team at MessageFlow!

From boosting sales to retargeting customers and capturing valuable leads, our solutions promise customer activation growth like you haven’t seen. With different types of Push notifications available, any marketer will be able to increase the app engagement and drive user action.

Contact us and let’s discuss the best ways to take full advantage of Mobile Pushes and improve your business communication strategy. Talk to you soon!

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