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Get access to all the benefits MessageFlow has to offer and elevate your customer engagement efforts with ease.

Experience the power of extensive and reliable infrastructure combined with human expertise built over two decades.

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All channels with direct connections
  • 169+ countries served
  • Local integrations
  • Global support
  • Multiple channels
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Comprehensive security and strict compliance
  • GDPR and ISO compliance
  • Data processed within the EEA
  • Data encryption and anonymization
  • Secure dashboard access
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24/7 support ready to assist you
  • Phone, chat and Email support
  • Technical support
  • Word-class documentation
  • Expert communication consultancy
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Robust developer platform with third-party integration
  • Top-notch RESTtful API
  • Expertly crafted documentation
  • Specific programing language libriares
  • Ready to use integrations  with CM, MA, CRM


MessageFlow is an all-in-one platform for messaging solutions, offering a set of products designed for efficient cross-channel communication in marketing.

We specialize in seamless delivery of powerful messaging in multiple channels, including Email, SMS, Mobile Push notifications, and RCS.



MessageFlow is a comprehensive solution for sending targeted Email marketing campaigns via the user-friendly panel offering an effortless drag&drop message creator.

Alternatively, you can seamlessly integrate using the flexible API to efficiently deliver highly personalized promotional and transactional Emails at the highest deliverability rate.


Ideal for individuals who need access to standard features.

from 49 EUR /month
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  • Advanced segmentation
  • Campaign reports from the last 3 months - basic version
  • Basic assistance level by the Support team
  • Flexible API for sending Email and SMS
  • Extended report storage time - 24 months
  • Campaign reports - heat map, provider report, geolocation and devices
  • Phone assistance by the Support team

Ideal to get started with a set of standard features.

from 139 EUR /month
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All the Starter package features +
  • Priority issue solving
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Your own domain
  • Account Manager
  • Email deliverability tracking
  • Consultations with creation, conversion, and deliverability experts

Ideal for organizations with unique requirements.

from 230 EUR /month
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All the Growth package features +
  • SLA guarantee
  • Campaign throughput guarantee
  • Dedicated server environment, independent from other users
  • VPN and sFTP connections, as well as advanced integrations
  • Department-specific invoicing
  • Assistance in implementing Email authentication protocols including SPF, DKIM, DMARC, Trusted Sender
RELIABLE and on-time delivery


We provide high-quality traffic for both marketing and transactional messaging on a global scale. At your service.

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Reach out to our Sales team to inquire about trials or pricing.

The price depends on:

  • volumes of messages
  • target country

Mobile Push

Easily integrate using interactive API documentation and pre-built SDKs to send personalized Pushes in various formats.

Contact sales

Reach out to our Sales team to inquire about trials or pricing.

The price depends on:

  • the number of tokens (contacts)
  • there’s no cap on the number of messages

Email API & SMTP

Designed for those who have their own Email sending system in place but want to improve message deliverability across various local and global inboxes.

This solution is perfect for you if you need high message throughput capacity ensuring on-time delivery at scale and access to detailed analytics for in-depth insights.


Ideal for individuals who need access to standard features.

68 EUR /month
  • Up to 30,000 Emails a month
  • No daily limit
  • Email REST API, SMTP Relay
  • Email templates
  • Detailed documentation
  • Simple Email analytics
  • 7-day log storage
  • Email address verification - an internal list of invalid ones
  • Trusted Sender certification
  • Shared IP address

Ideal for advanced needs and feature requirements.

590 EUR /month
All the Starter package features +
  • Unlimited webhooks
  • Advanced Email analytics
  • Authorization levels and user management
  • 15-day log storage
  • 1 dedicated IP address

Ideal for organizations with unique requirements.

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All the Growth package features +
  • Priority assistance and a dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated security solutions
  • Deliverability optimization support
  • Optional custom SLA agreement
  • Optional dedicated deliverability reports and adjusting campaigns to local markets
  • 2 dedicated IP addresses
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