A global solution for marketing SMS communication

Easy SMS campaign creator, unlimited number of recipients, and fast delivery leveraging our direct-to-carrier connections.

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SMS channel

Achieve new goals and drive more revenue with SMS channel

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Direct connections with global and local operators provide quality and deliverability of up to 99.9%.

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Operate at any scale with our next-generation throughput. Send up to 6 million messages per hour.

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Stay comfort in knowing we employ latest anti-phishing protection measures and top-notch security standards.

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24/7 Support

Take advantage of our premium SLA and care of a dedicated Customer Success Specialist, consultations and audits.

Powering marketing platform for businesses around the world:
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SMS sent with MessageFlow
Reliable SMS messaging

Battle-tested solution for efficient SMS campaigns

Whether your business operates on a global scale or is focused locally, our unrivaled solutions simply do their job. Redefine your SMS campaign strategy and unlock new opportunities to boost your revenue.

  • Utilize shortcodes for two-way communication.
  • Send from a dedicated number or use your brand as the sender name.
  • Use shortened tracking links in the sender's domain.
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Level up your SMS program

Efficient SMS campaigns

Leverage data analysis from past campaigns to maximize engagement and drive future results. MessageFlow equips you with valuable insights from previous campaigns, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts for greater success.

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SMS campaign creator
Precise targeting and segmentation

Enhance the engagement
of your customers

Take personalization to the next level. Address your customers by name and tailor your SMS messages to their specific preferences and interests. By creating a personalized experience you can significantly increase engagement and drive higher revenue.

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One-stop-shop for messaging solutions

Beyond SMS communication

Harness the power of MessageFlow and unlock the full potential of cross-channel communication to step up the effectiveness of your messaging and achieve your sales goals.

Leverage our omnichannel API to effortlessly manage all your communication needs, including triggered marketing emails, email marketing campaigns, push notifications, and SMS, all from within a single, unified platform.

Perfectly integrated

All your data in one place

Our robust API ensures smooth integration with any CRM or CMS, automating the flow of data between applications and enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns while saving time. Rest assured that our world-class support is always by your side, offering comprehensive technological and strategic assistance at every step of your journey.

MessageFlow SMS integrations
SMS security awards and certificates

We make security our top priority

  • To always protect the safety of your business and clients, we keep anticipating potential threats. Security is at the heart of our infrastructure.  We're safeguarding your business’ reputation with a unique anti-phishing shield that defends customers and brands. Take advantage of our solution designed to make your SMS campaigns reliable and not considered a scam.
Trusted platform

Efficiency in theory and practice

1.7 BLN
Messages a month

Throughput that makes a difference.

200 BLN
Total API requests

Free of fallback infrastructure.

Countries served

Go as global as you wish to.

6 MLN/h

Send beyond any limits.

Choose the perfect one-stop-shop for your omnichannel communication

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Individual approach

MessageFlow is a communication platform that provides us with comprehensive SMS services at a top level. Thanks to the individual approach to our needs, we were able to use both off-the-shelf and tailor-made solutions, which proved to be very helpful at an organization as large as ours.

Director of The Finance and Customer Service Department


200% growth in deliverability

We have been using this platform continuously since 2011 to handle SMS campaigns. The tool is characterized by high quality of operation, it is distinguished by the speed of sending shipments, high level of deliverability and access to the Polish GSM infrastructure.

Brand specialist



ING Bank Śląski confirms that it cooperation in the scope of the contract for the provision of services in the area of SMS sending of a marketing and information nature. When choosing the platform provider, we were mainly guided by the security of communication and the stability of the infrastructure.

CPO Wholesale Banking European Countries
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