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Send highly engaging notifications that increase your revenue

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Easy to get started

Create your account in minutes. Then use our libraries and SDK packages to send any mobile push notifications.

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Ready-to-use creator

Get started with the intuitive wizard to craft an effective Rich Mobile Push without writing a single line of code.

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Configurable for any scale

Optimize push notification delivery to your app's needs, making sure both marketing and transactional messages reach recipients swiftly and seamlessly.

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24/7 Support

Benefit from premium SLA and care of a dedicated Customer Success Specialist, consultations and audits.

Best-in-class Push communication infrastructure tested by:
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Designed the way you want

Build your perfect push flow

  • Send customized push messages with names, order numbers, and other data from your app.
  • Optimize users’ path with deep linking that brings your customers straight to the chosen location within the app.
  • Manage contact groups based on user data and their real-time behavior.
  • Create communication scenarios that engage your customers.
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    Data-driven approach

    Boost-up your conversion

    Monitor the results of your campaigns with our detailed analytics that feature deliverability reports, number of impressions and clicks, and even conversions. Easily identify your users by pairing push tokens with other data (phone number or email address) and combine your cross-channel communication to achieve better results.

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    Push notification creator
    Send Notifications Your Way

    Web panel or API,
    it's up to you!

  • Design highly engaging pushes using our push creator and monitor your notifications with the final message preview function.
  • Prefer sending transactional and marketing notifications via API? Our RESTful API is the perfect fit - easy to integrate and lightning-fast.
  • Be sure our top-notch tech solutions are frequently updated and easily adjustable to such operating systems as: Android, iOS, or Harmony OS.
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    One-stop-shop for messaging solutions

    Beyond push communication

    MessageFlow offers a comprehensive range of messaging solutions, providing an integrated suite of products designed to facilitate cross-channel marketing communication.

    We recognize that effective communication serves as a fundamental pillar in building and maintaining successful business relationships.

    Perfectly integrated

    Smooth integration with major systems made easy

    Seamlessly integrate your existing systems, whether it's an ecommerce platform, billing system, accounting software, CRM, ERP, CMS, or a dedicated marketing automation system, with our state-of-the-art RESTful API. Simplify your operations and unleash the full potential of your technology stack.

    seamless integration
    certificates and awards

    We guarantee the
    highest security standard

    • Security lies at the core of MessageFlow. Ensuring the safety of mobile push notifications protects against potential threats such as unauthorized content modifications, spoofing, or fraudulent activities, thereby preserving the integrity and authenticity of the messages delivered to users' devices.
    Trusted platform

    Efficiency in theory and practice

    11.7 BLN
    Messages a month

    Throughput makes a difference.

    0.16 s
    Average transit

    We take care of yourbusiness.


    We guarantee delivery.

    6 MLN
    Capacity per hour

    Send at any scale from day one.

    Choose the perfect one-stop-shop for your omnichannel communication

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    Individual approach

    MessageFlow is a communication platform that provides us with comprehensive SMS services at a top level. Thanks to the individual approach to our needs, we were able to use both off-the-shelf and tailor-made solutions, which proved to be very helpful at an organization as large as ours.

    Director of The Finance and Customer Service Department


    200% growth in deliverability

    We have been using this platform continuously since 2011 to handle SMS campaigns. The tool is characterized by high quality of operation, it is distinguished by the speed of sending shipments, high level of deliverability and access to the Polish GSM infrastructure.

    Brand specialist



    ING Bank Śląski confirms that it cooperation in the scope of the contract for the provision of services in the area of SMS sending of a marketing and information nature. When choosing the platform provider, we were mainly guided by the security of communication and the stability of the infrastructure.

    CPO Wholesale Banking European Countries
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