Best Thank You for Your Order Emails Do More Than Express Gratitude

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November 27, 2023

Have you ever had an interaction with a brand, be it at a physical location or online, where you felt unappreciated? You brought in business, got what you expected in return - which is fine - but that sweet icing on the cake was missing. If it was there, the entire experience would’ve been way better at that very moment, plus, you’d be ready to repeat. That cherry on top working wonders is a form of customer appreciation that should never be neglected. In this article we’ll zoom in on the ecommerce context, where appreciating customers for their order is a low-investment high-return practice applicable in multiple situations, with follow-up Emails do more than just confirm "we've received your order". 

Reading this article, you will:

  • Get a better understanding of what a thank you Email is.

  • Learn the benefits of thank you for purchasing with us Emails.

  • Get to know the different types of thank you messages and purchase notes you can send.

  • Be able to craft a perfect thank you Email for a variety of occasions.

Whether you're a small business or a major retailer, make sure to send a thank you for supporting us message when they place their next order with you. 

What exactly is a thank you for your order Email?

When chasing the all-powerful customer satisfaction, you need to realize that the sale doesn't conclude with the click of the Buy button. The post-purchase engagement in the form of the thank you Email comes off as more than a nicety. If a customer has already shown the ultimate vote of confidence by parting with their hard-earned money, why not reciprocate with a gesture that goes beyond the transactional? A thank you Email, in essence, is a continuation of the customer journey – an opportunity to enhance their satisfaction, deepen the connection with your brand, and leave a lasting positive impression.

Benefits of writing a thank you Email

Customer relations and brand loyalty are fundamental to ecommerce success. A humble "thank you" does way more than just showing your politeness. In fact, it’s a powerful tool that, when wielded strategically, can bring in a plethora of tangible benefits. Let’s have a look at the profound impact expressing your gratitude can have in the ecommerce realm, where small gestures pave the way for lasting connections and substantial business advantages.

Increased loyalty

Expressing gratitude is like watering the roots of customer loyalty. A sincere, tasteful thank you for choosing us will make the customer feel valued and appreciated. This emotional connection translates into a commitment to your brand, sparking loyalty that withstands the temptations of competitors.

Extending Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Gratitude is an investment that pays dividends over time. By thanking customers for their patronage, you're not just acknowledging a single transaction but instead laying the foundation for a long-lasting relation. This extended customer journey translates directly to an increased Customer Lifetime Value, as they become repeat buyers and brand advocates.

Strengthening relations with the customer

The art of saying "thank you" is essential to relationship-building. It goes beyond bland transactional interactions, turning one-time customers into valued members of your community. Regular expressions of gratitude create a positive association, reinforcing the bond and transforming your brand into a trusted companion in their shopping journey.

Starting a two-way communication

A thank you Email isn't a one-sided broadcast but an invitation to engage. By expressing gratitude, you open the door for customers to share their struggles, concerns, and feedback. This two-way exchange is invaluable, providing insights that can guide improvements, enhance the customer experience, and solidify your brand's place in their preferences.

Building trust and credibility

Trust is the secondary currency of ecommerce, and a genuine thank you is a deposit in the bank. Customers are more likely to have confidence in a brand that appreciates their business. By consistently expressing gratitude, you build a reputation for sincerity and reliability, establishing your company as one that not only delivers products but also values its customers indeed.

Prompting repeat business

A thank you Email isn't a closing note, to be honest. It serves as a discreet invitation for a return visit. Customers who feel appreciated are more inclined to make repeat purchases. The positive experience created by your expressions of gratitude becomes a powerful motivator, prompting customers to choose your brand over and over again in their shopping endeavors.

Types of thank you messages

Thank you for your recent purchase Emails seem quite self-explanatory, however, their use cases do in fact extend beyond being mere purchase follow ups. 

So, a customer bought from you. What’s next? Well, there are a number of contexts and configurations that may be relevant for your brand. Considering all you know about the customer, choose the most appropriate path of action. Here are some examples for ecommerce.

1. Thank you for your purchase Email sent immediately after

Right after your customer clicks Buy, your gratitude wings its way to them. Here, you want them to know that their decision to choose your brand is not taken lightly. Send a personalized thank you Email to express sincere appreciation for the purchase assure them the order has been received, and set the stage for a delightful post-purchase journey.

2. Thank you note + order sent

Consider this message a double delight – order confirmation Email meets appreciation. Thank the customer for choosing you, include the order number and other relevant transaction details to make sure they feel your gratitude. It's a combination of practical information and a virtual handshake of thanks for trusting your brand.

3. Thank your customers on the day of delivery

As the delivery day comes by and the package arrives, so does your gratitude. This Email not only acknowledges the successful delivery but also expresses sincere thanks for the brought in business. Use this Email to let the customer know you're here for any post-delivery support, cementing the positive experience associated with their purchase.

4. Thank you Email sent on the day of delivery + review

A two-in-one expression of appreciation and a gentle nudge for feedback. With this Email, thank the customer for their purchase, confirm the delivery, and then extend an invitation to share their experience through a review. By providing a convenient link, you make leaving feedback a seamless part of the customer’s post-purchase journey.

5. Send thank you Emails for repeat business / being loyal

Loyalty deserves recognition, and this Email is your way of expressing heartfelt thanks for the ongoing support. Whether the customer has made multiple purchases, reached a significant total order amount, or celebrated another year with you, acknowledge their loyalty and perhaps even sweeten the deal with an exclusive reward or discount for next purchase.

6. Thank customers for their purchase + review

Post-purchase gratitude can evolve into a request for feedback. You express thanks for the customer’s recent purchase while underlining the importance of their opinion and encouraging them to leave a review. The customer’s insights will contribute to product and service improvements and help develop a sense of collaboration.

7. Thank you Email to customers participating in a promo campaign

When customers join in on all sorts of promotional endeavors, this type of thank you Email extends your sincere thanks for their participation. This is a chance to express appreciation for their engagement, be it through a contest, campaign, or special promotion. If applicable, you might share the results or impact of their involvement, turning communication into a shared success story.

The role of subject line in a thank you Email message

The subject line is one of the most important aspects of Email marketing. Regardless of the nature of the communication you’re sending, take time to think it through because if it won’t encourage the recipient to click, the rest of the Email won’t matter. 

These basic assumptions hold just as true for thank you Emails. Even though you’re ‘just’ showing appreciation, the subject line doesn’t have to be boring.

First off, the subject line will set the overall tone of your thank you Email. It will indicate to your customer whether you’re thanking them for a specific purchase, being loyal to your brand, or participating in some special sales campaign you’ve run – refer to the previous section for the discussion of reasons for sending thank you Emails.

Second, the subject line can serve to immediately communicate the additional value you may want to provide with your thanks. This will be an open rate booster and contribute to conversion. 

Let sincerity, attention-grabbing, and a bit of enticement be your guiding principles in working out amazing Email subject lines. Now, if you’d like some inspiration, see the suggestions below that will help you get started and make your thank you Emails stand out in the inbox. Feel free to adjust and expand on these as you see fit.

  • Your [brand / product name] adventure begins! Order number confirmation inside.

  • Order confirmed: Get ready for [delivery date]!

  • Thanks a million! Your [product] is on its way.

  • So grateful! Your recent purchase means the world to us.

  • We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts and get [incentive].

  • Help us shine brighter! Your opinion counts.

  • Cheers to you! Your loyalty rewarded with exclusive [offer].

Summary of sending a thank you Email discussion

In the nuanced niche of ecommerce, the simple act of saying "thank you for shopping with us" appears to be a powerful means for bringing together customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand distinction. Putting the transactional nature of business to the side, expressing gratitude through thank you Emails is a timeless and classy move, transcending mere confirmations. As we've discussed in this article, these Emails are capable of performing a variety of tasks that cultivate loyalty, prompt repeat business, and build trust. 

In business, where interests often dominate the grander narrative, kindness may take a back seat, however, it remains an impactful tool significantly affecting the customer experience. A small, genuine gesture that’s offered at just the right moment shows your brand doesn't simply sell products but cares for connections and leaves a mark on the hearts of customers. 

How to start sending automated thank you Emails

While the sentiment behind thank you Emails is inherently human, their effective execution often involves a touch of technology. Automating and scaling up expressions of gratitude in a business setting is precisely what MessageFlow is designed to support.

Our platform provides a seamless solution through its API, allowing for effortless integration with your ecommerce system. This integration facilitates smooth exchange of data between the two platforms. Use it to transfer crucial information like customer details and order specifics in real-time, and set up events that act as triggers for the timely dispatch of relevant thank you Emails.

The beauty of cross-system data syncing becomes apparent when a customer completes a predefined action. In this scenario, a trigger is activated, and a personalized thank you note is promptly sent their way, working towards reaping all the benefits we've explored in this article.

Aside from automation at scale, MessageFlow's API allows for audience segmentation and message personalization. This dynamic functionality supports the process of building and nurturing customer relations, adding an extra layer of personal touch to your communications.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of MessageFlow for Email automation, feel free to reach out to us at Our team will be happy to address them. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring how our tool can elevate your Email automation game.

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