International SMS Campaigns - How To Run Them?

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September 7, 2023

Does your company operate on the foreign market? Do you work with clients from all over the world and want to communicate effectively with them? There is no problem! In Message Flow, we offer the possibility to send international SMS messages almost everywhere, all at the best possible prices and with total care for the security of personal data.

Take care of proven solutions in international communication 

When deciding to communicate internationally, you should take care of a professional and, above all, official channel of communication of your brand with your audience. Very often in the global market, SMS campaigns and dispatches are implemented by using unofficial international accesses. The popular way of doing it is through an open and free SMS gateway. Sending international SMS messages through a free tool most often involves making the sent messages public and sharing data, or at best just forwarding the message content to multiple intermediaries. The sharing of content and data caused by choosing an inadequate campaign delivery solution can have serious consequences for the company, so a very important part of an international communication strategy is to choose a secure solution for sending and handling outbound traffic.

What benefits do official solutions for sending international SMS offer? 

There are many tools or functionalities on the market for sending international messages, which usually tempt customers with a low price. Such a solution often seems to be an ideal way to reduce the cost of sending, but it should be remembered that, unlike official routing, they will not provide customization of key parameters and do not guarantee the security of implemented international campaigns. 

High shipping throughput

If you choose to send SMS messages through reliable providers, you will be assured that you are using an optimized and secure infrastructure of providers that implement their services based on direct connections, which results in shorter delivery times for sent messages and guarantees a consistent and high throughput of international dispatches.

Securing the sender ID

The use of the sender ID in ongoing SMS campaigns is a common practice, but at the stage of transferring communications to the international market, it is crucial that the message sent arrives in its entirety unaltered - that is, also with an established sender ID that identifies your company and inspires trust among recipients.

SMS reminder

Ensuring the security of contact data

The law regarding processing of personal data requires transparency, especially in the EEA (European Economic Area), so be aware that a lack of information about the security of contact/personal data is a sign of using an unprofessional infrastructure.

At MessageFlow, we take care of certification in maintaining the security of contact data, periodically undergo audits, and are certified to meet data security requirements in rigorous ISO standards

Blocking phishing attempts

Realizing the sending of marketing and transactional SMS messages is becoming an increasingly used communication channel by large and medium-sized companies. Along with the growing interest in SMS communication, phishing is also on the rise, and is becoming an increasing problem for many domestic SMS and international SMS senders. 

Typically, phishing messages prepared by fraudsters look very authentic or are at least very similar in content and graphics to the original communication. The purpose of sending fake messages is to make the recipient of the message hand over sensitive data or information.

If you choose to send international SMS messages through a free solution available on the web, you must remember that they will not be checked or protected against reuse by fraudsters. Phishers most often use the link in the message to try to phish for data, which usually has a few letters substituted in the address or a subtle correction of punctuation that is unnoticeable at first glance.

On the MessageFlow platform, all posted links undergo a verification process before sending SMS messages. They are also protected by the 360 Anti-Phishing Shield, which provides two-factor protection: receiving alerts against potential phishing attacks and a tool that diagnoses potential threats in real time, such as attempts to exploit a brand's data, communications that suggest the possibility of phishing. In addition, you can be sure that when there is an attempt to send messages with links to threatening websites, the communication will be blocked and your customers will not be exposed to scams.

Why is it worth choosing Message Flow platform for sending international SMS campaigns?

By choosing MessageFlow as your partner for international SMS dispatches we guarantee:

  • Data security confirmed by the number of ISO compliance certificates

  • Timely delivery of sent messages

  • Assurance that SMS messages will reach customers in the same form as sent (without interference in sender name and message content)

  • Accurate and true-to-life report of your campaign

  • Comprehensive technical support at every stage of the campaign

  • Customization of delivery according to strictly defined country-specific rules

  • Ability to send alerts when the level of undelivered messages exceeds a specified percentage

In SMS communication, we direct foreign traffic through so-called white/direct routes. These are direct routes, thanks to which messages go directly to the end recipients, without unnecessary intermediaries and formalities.

In addition to sending SMS messages from a specific sender  ID, we also offer the possibility to use numbers for two-way communication, i.e. 2-way numbers, through which you can freely stay in touch with your customers. All sent responses are visible in the MessageFlow panel or can be sent directly to your dedicated system.

You can conduct international communication with your customers via SMS messages, both from the  MessageFlow  panel and via API technology. The only additional variable to keep in mind is to indicate a number with the appropriate foreign prefix.

international SMS campaign
final sale SMS

Summary - Message Flow's international SMS communications 

When you work with MessageFlow for overseas SMS communication, you are assured that the traffic is fully authorized and safe for your company and recipients. When choosing an international communication provider, the most important step is to entrust SMS dispatching to an experienced company that conducts business responsibly and in compliance with all regulations of the country to which you want to send SMS messages.

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