How To Increase Sales Towards the Year’s End? Try MMS!

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November 17, 2023

MMS is a mobile messaging format which in the age of ubiquitous social platforms and the multimedia communication opportunities they provide may seem to be a bit less popular. Still, with tens of billions of these messages sent every year worldwide, it’s hard to ignore the channel. As you can see, it’s still an important medium brands should include in their communication strategies, especially during times of heightened shopping activity such as Black Friday or Winter Holidays. 

At the end of the day, the MMS still going strong shouldn’t come as a surprise since these messages fit really well with how widespread smartphones are, whose numbers are expected to reach 4.74 billion in 2024 globally, as well as the overall turn towards multimediality among users. 

Importantly, it may serve as an excellent alternative if you don’t have a mobile app so you’re not sending Push Notifications, or you do have it, and there’s a segment within your audience that engages with Pushes or SMS really well and you’re aiming to increase the level of interaction even further with MMS. 

The channel isn’t necessarily the perfect solution for every occasion, since there are other formats which may fit your objectives better. However, when it comes to sales communication along the brand > customer line, it has a number of advantages over SMS, for example, which is more suitable for running short transactional communication, including all sorts of confirmations or reminders. 

Advantages of MMS

Despite the MMS enjoying considerable popularity globally, an average user receives other types of messages more often on a daily basis. This means that MMS can stand out in the crowd, be more visible by default, among all the communication flowing in to the customer’s device. 

At MessageFlow, we see a growing interest in MMS campaigns during times like Black Friday or holiday seasons and this trend has its reasons. This format has a lot to offer to the senders - brands and businesses - so consider using it during the upcoming shopping craze. 

The advantages of MMS contributing to the major potential of this channel include:  

  • text content - the limit of 5,000 characters (compared to 160 in SMS)

  • visual content - an image, gif (lighter than video), audio and video - which, when used skillfully, will improve the conversion rate

  • the option to add a message topic, similar to emails 

  • the opportunity to attract the recipient’s attention, including an icon indicating an attachment 

  • personalization

By using MMS in a sales campaign you can easily showcase products, inform about discounts more emphatically, or boost and highlight the text part of the communication. Visuals do a better job than plain text at affecting the imagination and emotions, which helps to better convey the overall message and this, in turn, increases engagement. The MMS open rate is a whopping 98%! 

Use MMS to increase sales

MMS ia a format which still hasn’t been fully utilized by brands. Its reach and the opportunity it provides to land directly on users’ devices, combined with its multimediality, make it the perfect channel for introducing clients to your offer in a visually attractive way. 

If you’d like to learn about all that MMS has to offer, try the MessageFlow platform which will allow you to plan and send a promotional campaign at a scale. Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and support your business at every stage of sending. 

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