How to Craft Creative Push Notifications That Users Can’t Resist

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November 21, 2023

Amid all the information flowing daily through our mobile devices, creating Push Notifications that don’t merely inform but captivate your audience becomes an art form. Every pixel plays its part on this compact canvas, competing for attention against a barrage of other notifications. The big question for mobile marketers is how do I ensure that my Push message stands out, not just as a blip on the screen, but as an event in the user's day? Well, you have to go above simply relaying information. Your message has to create a memorable moment. Here are some tips that will help you craft Push Notifications creatives users won't be able to resist.

In this article, we'll cover:

  • How to write creative Push Notifications

  • Different types of Pushes

  • Push Notification examples

  • The importance if Rich Push Notifications

  • How to send personalized Pushes

  • Creative Push Notification ideas you can use

Types of Push Notifications - diversifying your engagement strategy

Depending on the business niche you're in and your specific engagement goals, you may want to use a variety of notifications to achieve them. 

Reminders and re-engagement

Use Push Notifications to gently remind users to come back to your app. Whether it's an abandoned cart or an invitation to explore new features, re-engagement notifications are your secret weapon for retaining and rekindling user interest.

Informative Push Notifications

Send personalized Push Notifications to inform users about the latest changes or updates in your app. Keeping your audience informed enhances their experience and builds trust in your commitment to providing relevant information.

Transactional Push messages

For those critical moments in user interactions, leverage transactional Push messages. From order confirmations to shipping updates, these notifications keep users informed and engaged throughout the customer journey.

Promotional and social notifications

Drop some excitement into your communication mix with promotional Push Notifications. These messages will create a sense of urgency and drive user action when you're going to run a flash sale or an exclusive offer. Additionally, social notifications can encourage users to connect, share, or engage with your brand on various platforms.

Creative Push Notification examples to engage users

Push messages, with their versatile nature, offer more than just a ping. They provide a unique opportunity for personalization and allow your brand voice to be heard. In this limited space, staying top of mind requires more than routine updates. Becoming successful and generating engagement calls for a touch of creativity that sparks intrigue and prompts user action. 

With the power to decide whether to receive Push Notifications at all placed in users’ hands, you have to delight or be denied. Keeping that in mind, here are best Push Notification ideas to get your creative juices flowing, inspire future Push campaigns, and render your messages unmissable. 

1. Make it fun

Inject a dose of joy into your Push Notification copy. It can be a playful pun, a witty comment, or a humorous twist to some relevant topic. Making your messages more fun creates a memorable experience, as positive emotions tend to leave a lasting mark.

mobile push with relevant action buttons

2. Location

Bring your notifications to life by incorporating location-based Push Notifications. Consider sending a personalized offer when a user is near your store. Location-specific deals grab attention and establish a connection between your brand and the customer's surroundings. 

location-specific mobile push

3. Urgency

Create a sense of immediacy to nudge users to act swiftly. Integrate FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) into your Push Notifications by announcing time-limited deals that vanish if not grabbed right away. Transform each message into a ticking clock to encourage users to seize exclusive opportunities before time runs out.

4. Stay on point

Maximize the impact of your Push Notifications by wasting no space. Cut to the chase, delivering your message with precision. In a world of fleeting attention spans, clear and concise notifications ensure your audience gets the message without unnecessary distractions. Sometimes less is more.

5. So, what’s new?

Keep your users in the loop with timely updates. Whether it's a fresh product launch, an exciting feature, breaking news, special offers, or a significant development, share the news that matters. Use Push Notifications to notify users about the latest and greatest, enticing them to explore what's new at your company.

occasional mobile push

6. Achievement unlocked

Celebrate milestones with your users. If they reach a specific turning point within your app or accomplish a task, acknowledge it. A well-timed "good job" or a personalized ”achievement unlocked” message not only fosters a sense of accomplishment but also strengthens the bond between your brand and its users.

7. Provide rewards

Turn your Push Notifications into a gateway to exclusive rewards. Offer discounts, loyalty points, or access to special events as a token of appreciation. Making the notification a potential reward elevates the experience, cultivating loyalty and turning user engagement into a mutually beneficial relation.

time-limited offer mobile push

8. Gamification

Add an element of play into your Push strategy. Create interactive notifications that feel like a game. Think in terms of a quiz, a challenge, or a reward system. Turning engagement into a playful experience captivates users and converts routine interactions into moments of delight.

9. Spark curiosity

Craft notifications that tease the imagination. Ignite excitement by offering a glimpse into something intriguing without giving it all away. A well-placed element of mystery leaves users curious, prompting them to click to find out the exciting surprise awaiting them on the other end.

rich mobile push with image

10. Create a narrative

Everybody loves a good story, so transform your Push Notifications into chapters of a compelling tale. You may be wanting to unveil a product journey, share user testimonials, or narrate the evolution of your brand - storytelling will add depth to it. 

11. Do this, or else…

Include urgency by conveying a clear call-to-action. Employ direct language that suggests a consequence if the recipient doesn't act promptly. Use this approach if you want the user to complete their profile, grab a limited-time offer, or explore new features. The sense of 'or else' adds a compelling edge, providing a sense of a mission to be accomplished.

special offer mobile push

12. Ask a question

Engage your audience with thought-provoking queries. A well-crafted question not only sparks curiosity but also invites users to interact. Make it relevant to their preferences or needs, turning your Push Notification into a two-way conversation. 

Rich Pushes to remember

While text-only Pushes have their merits, the scope of possibilities expands greatly with Rich Push Notifications. Incorporating imagery, animations, and action buttons turns your messages into interactive experiences. 

Surprisingly, data reveals that while Rich Push Notifications can boost open rates by up to a staggering 56%, only a mere 8% of marketers have tapped into their full potential. Imagine all the engagement waiting to be harvested! Moreover, the use of rich formats and emoji has proven to elevate engagement rates by 25% and 20%, respectively. Getting attention is the first step, but if you want to move beyond it, think in terms of creating a visually enriched dialogue that captivates your audience on a whole new level. 

In conclusion

Mobile Push Notifications serve as a reliable bridge between brands and their customers. It's the ultimate channel where your wittiest writing seamlessly combines with captivating visuals, all within the confines of a compact space, aiming to ignite excitement.

In essence, the key to gaining a competitive edge lies in getting creative with Rich Push Notifications. 

The ultimate goal here is to have your audience excitedly telling their friends, "Hey, ACME sent me a cool Push today!" To achieve it, strive for the perfect blend of being informative, engaging your users as desired, and adding a touch of entertainment. Push Notifications aren't your regular alerts. They're an avenue where creativity meets engagement, leaving a memorable mark on your audience's digital journey. 

Now, before you go, here's something that can help you start or improve your Push campaigns... 

Get started with personalized Push Notifications

Push Notifications have become the go-to digital communication channel for numerous retail and ecommerce businesses wanting to engage users even when they're not logged in to the app. More customizable than SMS and more visible than Email, they present a unique opportunity to connect with your audience.

If you're ready to harness the power of Push Notifications, consider MessageFlow as your sending partner. Regardless of whether you're crafting marketing messages, informing about the latest in-app changes, or providing transactional updates, our platform ensures that each notification contributes to a positive customer journey and retention.

With MessageFlow, you can take advantage of:

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  • Advanced analytics: Gain insights into the performance of your campaigns for informed decision-making.

Our infrastructure and two-decade strong expertise enable rapid deployment and automation of Mobile Push Notifications adjusted to your brand's unique needs. Ready to enhance your communication strategy? Get in touch at and let's start to send Push Notifications that make an impact together!

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