3 Mobile Push Notification Formats That Sell: Stand out in the Crowd!

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September 18, 2023

Mobile Push notifications are becoming increasingly popular and are starting to be treated as one of the key communication channels, on a par with SMS or Email. They are also an indispensable sales and marketing tool.

More than 90% of users read Push notifications immediately, making this communication channel a fast and effective way to convey important information. Compared to other channels, such as Email or SMS, Push notifications have a greater chance of reaching recipients immediately and attracting their attention, which is especially beneficial for companies that want to reach their customers quickly. 

In the search for new channels to effectively reach customers, due to constantly changing user preferences, more and more companies in the European market are choosing to implement this communication channel. 

What are Mobile Push Notifications?

Similar to an SMS text message, Mobile Push notifications are delivered directly to the home screen of the user's mobile device. This almost guarantees that the recipient will see the message when checking their smartphone. This makes it much harder to ignore than another message in a crowded Email inbox. In addition, Mobile Push has a much lower unit cost of reaching the recipient.

As the primary and most important function of mobile apps, Mobile Push notifications allow you to interact with existing users and send personalized promotional content. Their main purpose, of course, is to increase revenue, build relationships with recipients, or get them to return to the mobile app or website. They are an essential tool in a marketing strategy to increase customer engagement and conversion rates.

The 3 most popular Mobile Push formats 

Due to the capabilities of this communication channel, there are three basic push notification formats that can be easily created using the mass communication platforms available on the market and used depending on the marketing activities carried out.

Mobile Push text notifications

Text Push is the simplest notification format, resembling an SMS message. The main difference lies in the way it is displayed on the user's screen and the creation itself. Text notifications consist of a title and a few lines of text informing, for example, about a new promotion or a special event. They may contain emoticons, and their integral part is the sender's logo. Here are some of the advantages of Mobile Push text notifications: 

  • instant notification - reaching users in real time,

  • personalization - adjusted to the user's preferences and, as a result, attracting the recipient's attention and increasing engagement, 

  • effective outreach - Push notifications are directly delivered to the user's device, which means there is no risk of being missed or deleted by the recipient.

Mobile Push text notification

Mobile Push with action buttons 

Mobile Push with CTA (call to action), is an effective tool with many advantages: 

  • it motivates users to perform a specific action, i.e. purchase a product, participate in a contest, visit a website, etc,

  • thanks to so-called deeplinks it can direct the recipient to a specific place in the application, such as a product category,

  • it provides users with a quick access to specific sections in the mobile app or on the website = it shortens the user's path to purchase,

  • It enables tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and analyzing the effectiveness of each campaign. 

Mobile Push with action buttons disney

Rich Push 

Rich Push notifications are a type of notifications that allow you to display more interactive and enriched content, such as images, videos, action buttons, graphics, thumbnails, etc. The benefits of implementing this type of notifications are as follows: 

  • increasing conversions by displaying more attractive offers or information - it makes users more likely to click on the notification and perform a certain action,

  • improved brand image - enriched Push notifications can help build brand image and positive brand associations - attractive graphics and videos help brands stand out from other companies and increase their recognition,

  • greater visual appeal for the user. 

Rich Mobile Push notification home decor

Taking advantage of MessageFlow, you can enjoy a CTR of 80% or even higher, which means your marketing campaigns have a better chance of successfully reaching your target audience.

One technology, many possibilities 

Choosing the right format for Mobile Push notifications is crucial for successful communication with customers. For marketing notifications, such as reminders about new products or promotions, it is worth using a text-based notification or a multimedia notification, which will be more visually appealing and attract users' attention.

The use of Mobile Push formats provides an effective way for mobile apps to communicate with users, which increases their engagement with the app. Thanks to the variety of available formats, depending on the purpose and nature of the application, the optimal way of communicating information can be selected, which positively affects users' satisfaction with the application and the business, improving retention, loyalty and conversion rates.

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