Mobile Push Notifications in Transactional and Marketing Communication

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August 30, 2023

With 3.8 billion people using mobile devices on a daily basis, it's no wonder that more and more companies are recognizing the potential of mobile marketing. In fact, the number of companies utilizing mobile marketing tactics to achieve their business goals is increasing each quarter, with a particular emphasis on transactional and marketing Mobile Push notifications. By utilizing these notifications, businesses can instantly reach any mobile device connected to the internet, allowing them to effectively target a global audience.

Transactional Mobile Push Notifications 

Transactional Mobile Push Notifications improve communication by providing highly personalized and relevant information in real time. The effectiveness of this type of notification is because transactional Mobile Push notifications: 

  • address events directly related to the customer's interaction with the company 

  • provide specific information and confirmations of transactions

  • respond to specific user actions

  • direct precise messages to the actual recipient

Transactional Mobile Push notifications enable a series of actions so that recipients can control their transactions and react quickly in case of any problems or irregularities.

Order tracking 

Mobile Push is an ideal channel for sending information regarding the status of a placed order. After all, there's nothing more annoying than the uncertainty of waiting for a transaction confirmation or not knowing what's happening with a shipment. They are most often used in the mobile applications of E-commerce companies.

transactional Mobile Push notification order confirmation

Confirmation of transactions

In the realm of mobile marketing, Mobile Push notifications play a critical role in sending timely confirmations of transactions such as bookings or event sign-ups. By utilizing this feature, users receive instant notifications that their transaction was successful, eliminating the need for them to constantly check their email or account status. This results in an improved customer experience, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and brand loyalty.

shipping confirmation Mobile Push notification

System alerts 

This functionality is particularly important for banking apps, as it alerts users to any suspicious behavior on their account. In this way, we guarantee our customers the highest level of security, which is the most common concern of mobile app users.

legal update Mobile Push notification


When important changes occur in services or applications, Mobile Push notifications are often used to inform users of new updates. By doing so, you can effectively keep users interested by informing them of new features and changes. In addition, such notifications are a clear signal that the company cares about the needs of its users and wants them to familiarize themselves with the changes.

mobile app update Mobile Push notification

Summary of stationary purchases 

Mobile Push works great as a notification after purchases made at a stationary store - it can inform you of points earned on a specific transaction, as well as communicate the availability of an e-receipt in your account in the app

summary of purchase Mobile Push notification

Marketing Mobile Push Notifications

Marketing push notifications are short messages sent directly to users' mobile devices. They are designed to grab users' attention and encourage them to interact with your brand. These can be notifications regarding: 

  • new products,

  • special offers,

  • news, 

  • discount codes, 

  • expansion of the assortment by a new segment, 

  • new functionalities in the application.

Mobile Push promotional notifications are not only influential in increasing sales, but also engage users and build customer loyalty

Important marketing notifications from the viewpoint of the recipient are:

Special offers

With Mobile Push notifications, you have the opportunity to inform your users about sales, special offers, and time-limited discounts available only to loyalty club members. Such notifications are very effective in attracting users' attention. It's a way to provide your customers with the best bargains and increase their interest in your offer.

special offer marketing Mobile Push notification

Discounts for new or regular customers

Among the most frequently sent Mobile Push notifications are those encouraging users to take advantage of a new promo code. Adding a relevant image or action button will increase user interest.

discount for customers Mobile Push notification

Notifications to restore your customers' engagement

If you notice that users of your app become less active or stop logging in, it is worth taking action to restore their engagement. In such a situation, it is worth using Mobile Push notifications, which are an effective tool for restoring user interest and building user loyalty. An excellent example of such a notification are messages like "We've missed you...", which prompt users to return to the app and use it again.

engaging Mobile Push notification

Push notifications with newsletter information as a complement to educational communications

If we regularly send email or SMS messages in the form of a newsletter, our recipients are accustomed to receiving a new dose of information about the brand or new promotions. So it's worth passing on some of the information through a new channel - implementing Mobile Push notifications. In this way, we can increase the frequency of sending Push notifications without annoying the user, and convey additional, important information for the brand.

mobile push notification h&m

Introducing new users to the brand world - onboarding

More than 71% of users who download an app abandon it after the first use. However, when a user subscribes to your Mobile Push notifications, you have a chance to build a lasting relationship with your customer. Take advantage of this opportunity and ensure that your subscribers learn more about your brand and your products.

Onboarding notifications are key to adapting new users to the app's available functionality and encouraging them to use it regularly. Regular notifications keep users interested and engaged by informing them of new offers and opportunities resulting from their use of the mobile app.

welcome Mobile Push notification

Mobile Push - a key component of a successful marketing strategy

Marketing and transactional Mobile Push notifications are an extremely effective tool for building customer relationships and increasing conversions in mobile business. Incorporating properly designed notifications into your marketing strategy can bring real benefits, such as increasing sales, improving customer engagement and building long-term customer relationships. The key to success is providing valuable information and content that is relevant to customers. 

If you have any inquiries regarding various aspects of business communication, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to offer the assistance you require. Contact us at, and together, we can ensure the successful reception of your messages.

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