Cybersecurity Safeguarding Business Online [Business Communication Trends 2024]

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June 5, 2024

Online communication security is critical as Email, SMS, and Push Notifications often convey sensitive data. With global breaches costing millions, businesses face escalating cyber threats, from malware to phishing. Compliance with laws like GDPR adds complexity, particularly in terms of data processing.

To mitigate risks, you have to prioritize cybersecurity, patching any vulnerabilities to prevent exploitation. Industry leaders like Google and Yahoo are updating their policies to enhance Email security, requiring authentication for all domains and emphasizing relevance. These measures show a collective effort to ensure safer online communication in 2024 and beyond.

The state of security online

Email, SMS, and Push Notifications are widely used B2C communication channels carrying a variety of information including order confirmations, shipping updates, personalized promotions and offers, surveys, and reminders. This communication contains lots of sensitive data such as personal and payment details, or transaction specifics.

💡 With the average global cost of a data breach in 2023 being $4.45 million, the security of communication and the systems that deliver it is of utmost importance. 

The ecommerce industry has been cutting an increasingly bigger piece of the global trade pie and hackers want some of it. The most recent available data shows $5.7 trillion in sales worldwide, with further growth projected in the years to come.

The most frequent types of cyber attacks digital retailers experience include:

  • malware (450,000 new pieces of malware a day)

  • DoS and DDoS attacks

  • social engineering including phishing

  • financial fraud ($48 billion loss expected by the end of 2023)

  • e-skimming (estimated $1 billion annual losses)

  • bots (initiating up to 62% of all attacks against ecommerce)

  • API attacks (even up to 42% of all incoming ecommerce traffic may take place via API) 

Complying with legal complexities

On top of the array of threats, businesses are required to comply with a number of laws and regulations, including GDPR. Another important issue is the location of the servers used to send the communication. Processing personal data outside of the European Economic Area within the GDPR framework calls for meeting additional provisions, which don’t have to be abided inside EEA. 

💡 The goal of these measures is to protect sending systems and messages from unauthorized access, interception, or manipulation of the sensitive content within. 

With the pace of digitization showing no signs of slowing down, cybersecurity is certain to play a central role in any organization’s operations.

Patch up your communication

Sensitive data exposure has been among the top 5 vulnerability categories cybercriminals are trying to exploit. Attacks attempting to extract data may lead to serious legal and economic consequences, as well as damage brand reputability. Public companies are losing an estimated 8.6% of their value after a cyber breach.

Thus, it’s essential to preemptively address this dynamic issue by implementing cybersecurity best practices and working with partners who put top priority on information safety.

Big players making big moves

In a significant development, Google and Yahoo are set to tighten their Email authentication requirements, aiming to combat fraud and spam. Starting Q1 2024, Gmail bulk messages will necessitate SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication for all domains in order to combat impersonation attempts and phishing attacks.

The scheduled change of policy also includes a one-click unsubscribe option and emphasis on message relevance. Sending 5,000+ daily messages will require validation. Yahoo is set to adopt similar measures and Google additionally plans a 0.3% spam threshold for senders to ensure an excellent user experience. These measures collectively mark a proactive step toward enhancing Email security and user satisfaction in 2024 and beyond.

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