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July 10, 2024

The idea of communication requires a message transmission channel by default. In this day and age, businesses have means at their disposal to reach both prospects and clients at an unprecedented, global scale and across various touchpoints. It’s a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity, especially since 72% of customers show a preference for connecting with brands via multiple channels. 

customer preference for cross-channel communication

This number demonstrates the need for businesses to go beyond what they think may be sufficient and lean towards designing a comprehensive cross-channel strategy that reaches and engages an audience wider than ever before

Deciding which communication channels to use in your marketing strategy

A great selection of anything can lead to either having trouble deciding or having more opportunities. When it comes to business communication and choosing your channels, luckily it’s the latter. 

When trying to tell the world about your brand, your ultimate goal, regardless of the channel you employ, remains the same, which is to: 

  • spread the word

  • increase awareness

  • drive engagement and sales

The communication channels available differ in their capabilities and formats - the exact way they deliver your message. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, and it’s your goals and customers’ preferences that will eventually determine their use. 

You may get caught up in trying to figure out a single, best communication channel for your brand but there’s no need for that. A cross-channel communication platform will empower you to run comprehensive campaigns and adjust your efforts on the go, adding or removing channels, all from one place, without the need to keep adding new tools to your stack.

What is cross-channel communication?

Cross-channel communication is a business messaging strategy reflecting both the current state of technology, with many options for delivering information to customers available, and the user preference for being active in multiple channels. 

💡 As new channels emerge and become adopted at varying paces, older solutions don't just quietly fade, instead, they all coexist, filling slightly different niches and expanding the grander communicational environment, adding to the array of options businesses have for engaging customers.

Users seem to be keen and willing to interact with each other and brands in several channels, rather than limiting themselves to a single one. This has led to the emergence of the idea of cross-channel customer communication which attempts to capitalize on the trend just described.

Cross-channel messaging explained

Cross-channel communication refers to strategic integration and the use of multiple channels to engage consumers and facilitate the achievement of goals like sales and other types of conversion. It involves creating a cohesive and consistent messaging experience on different platforms, allowing you to reach your audience effectively and at scale. 

This approach ensures that customers receive relevant information through their preferred channels, and perhaps even on multiple screens if you aim to strengthen your message, which leads to the development of stronger connections, retention, and improved customer experience.

An engaged customer, who takes action as a result of receiving fitting communication in a channel they use the most, is a happy one and as such, is willing to spend more. 

💡 Research shows that companies running marketing campaigns via multiple channels see a 24% higher ROI and if 3+ channels are involved, can expect a 494% higher order rate. That's a massive improvement stemming simply from expanding into more channels.

Using a cross-channel communication platform

Unless you’re operating in a very specific niche, in which consumers gravitate towards a single platform, implementing a multichannel communication strategy should have a place on your growth roadmap.

multichannel communication strategy

There are a lot of moving parts that go into an extensive approach like that, however, one thing that remains constant is the involvement of a tool that will facilitate the delivery of your communication in a variety of channels. Getting a cross-channel solution capable of handling all your messaging efforts will make your life a lot easier.

Here’s a brief rundown of the five big benefits of using a cross-channel communication platform as a part of your marketing strategy.

1. Convenience

A cross-channel communication platform provides you with the benefit of having multiple channels available from a single, unified interface. This allows you to efficiently manage your campaigns using either one central panel or API, simplifying the entire process and saving time.

  • With all channels integrated into one system, you can easily use the medium you know your customers prefer or experiment with new ones.

  • Adding new channels to your communication mix is easy, allowing you to scale, grow, and adapt as your business needs evolve.

  • Whether you’re managing campaigns directly within the platform or via API, you have a reliable environment that provides a comprehensive oversight of all messaging efforts.

2. Ease of implementation

Implementing a cross-channel communication solution is a straightforward process requiring minimal effort. Despite its extensive capabilities and an overall advanced character, it’ll easily integrate into your existing tech stack.

  • These platforms are readily available and designed to fit right into your current technology environment, reducing the time and effort needed for setup.

  • By running a one-time API implementation, you can start using all communication channels simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple, separate solutions.

  • Alternatively, you can manage your communications efforts directly from an intuitive user panel, allowing for quick and easy adjustments.

3. Expert support

A multichannel communication platform provider serves as your single source of support and guidance, making sure your campaigns run smoothly and effectively, regardless of what your target market is.

  • With a single provider handling all your communication channels, any issues can be comprehensively addressed without the need to coordinate with multiple vendors.

  • Providers can offer valuable insights and suggest the best course of action for your campaigns, leveraging their expertise to optimize your communication strategy.

  • Beyond just offering a tool for message delivery, a quality provider understands the nuances of business communication in different markets, offering custom support that aligns with your specific needs.

4. Analytics

One of the most powerful features of a cross-channel communication platform is its extensive analytics capabilities, which provide critical insights into the performance of your campaigns and help make data-driven decisions.

  • Integrated analytics offer a comprehensive view of all your communication channels, allowing you to track the performance of each campaign in real time and understand their overall effectiveness.

  • By leveraging detailed insights, you can make data-based decisions to optimize your strategies, identify successful tactics, and address areas needing improvement, ensuring your communication efforts are continuously refined.

  • The platform's panel provides easy access to comprehensive analysis of customer data, enabling you to identify trends, pinpoint areas for optimization, and make proactive adjustments to enhance results and generate better outcomes.

5. Data security

A cross-channel communication provider takes care of information security and compliance, which are mandatory for organizations in many industries, providing peace of mind for your business and your customers.

  • A single solution manages compliance across all channels, simplifying the process and ensuring adherence to regulations such as GDPR and ISO standards.

  • Handling user consent for all channels in one place streamlines the procedure, ensuring that consumer preferences are respected and maintained consistently.

  • Reputable providers emphasize securing your communication using advanced measures, including certificates and industry-standard protocols, to protect sensitive information and maintain the integrity of your messaging.

benefits of using a cross-channel communication platform

The role of RESTful API in cross-channel communication campaigns

An important aspect we need to touch on in this article is the crucial role RESTful API has to play in optimizing your cross-channel communication. A provider that offers one API for managing all channels puts you in a great spot to significantly reduce manual operations and increase the efficiency of your campaigns.

💡 A report by Gartner predicts that by 2025, 95% of global enterprises will use API-powered communication platforms to enhance their digital competitiveness.

By integrating multiple channels, including Email, SMS, and Mobile Push within a single platform, you can create cohesive cross-channel customer outreach scenarios. For instance, after sending an Email campaign about a new product launch, you can track open rates to identify recipients who haven't engaged with the message. Then, using this data, the API enables you to target non-engagers with a follow-up SMS, to make sure your communication does indeed get through and is seen.

The role of RESTful API extends beyond the efficient sending of messages, as it can also facilitate the collection and use of detailed information. There’s no better way for you to gain an advanced understanding of customer behavior and campaign performance than through an API integration. Assuming a data-driven approach helps you refine strategies, tailor messages to individual preferences, and ultimately improve engagement and conversion rates - the number one goal of most business messaging.

These capabilities combined make RESTful API a powerful tool that automates and optimizes your operations, allowing you to deliver consistent and personalized CX across various channels. This increased efficiency is a catalyst for greater customer satisfaction and better business outcomes. An API integration is a way to make sure that every message you send has the highest possible impact.

One platform to handle all channels 

Cross-channel communication is a holistic, future-oriented approach to B2C messaging. Despite Email and SMS still holding their ground even after being around for quite some time, other channels like Mobile Push notifications and Rich Communication Services are rising in popularity, offering several interactive features and new ways to engage users.

It’s not unlikely at all that more channels still will emerge and consumers will continue their adoption, adding to their repertoire of communication means, rather than ditching some of them. 

On the business side of things, it’s not necessarily about using as many channels as there are, but rather keeping a number of them in the mix, seamlessly combining and experimenting with them to see what yields the best results in terms of engagement and conversion. A successful business communication strategy will make an effort to meet customers where they are and delight them with a great experience.

MessageFlow is your go-to cross-channel marketing platform

So, have you been running cross-channel communication already, perhaps not putting a name on it? Or would you like to get going, now having a better understanding of its value?

A cross-channel platform like MessageFlow equips you with all the essential tools and a suite of solutions that can be deployed as needed. It’s designed to optimize your operations, making it easy to manage complex communication strategies across multiple communication mediums.

MessageFlow simplifies management, reducing costs and enhancing the agility of your messaging campaigns. With multiple channels at your fingertips, you can quickly respond to market changes, ensuring your communication remains effective and timely without needing any additional tools.

Expert support from the team at MessageFlow, rooted in two decades of experience, includes strategic advice to optimize your communication efforts, driving better results. The platform’s analytics component allows you to continuously refine your operations for maximum impact, while its comprehensive data security measures safeguard your operations and consumer trust.

Your cross-channel communication journey starts here! Contact us and let’s discuss the specifics of how to best implement this approach at your organization. Start leveraging the power of multi-channel campaigns and develop more efficient communication strategies.

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