Creating a Loyalty Loop via Subscription [Business Communication Trends 2024]

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May 22, 2024

Changes taking place in ecommerce demand strategies fostering customer loyalty. Subscription services, a growing part of the global economy, play a vital role in retaining users. While acquisition costs rise, retention becomes key in keeping your operations cost-effective.

💡 Using personalization or gamification, among many other options, allows you to craft a richer experience, contributing to customer stickiness. Seamless, tech-savvy communication, for instance via Mobile Push notifications, nurtures continued engagement. 

Convenience, an essential feature of all subscriptions, helps cultivate habits that fortify brand loyalty. However, sustaining this may require a cross-channel communication strategy across multiple touchpoints.

Evolving ecommerce: Subscription leading to loyalty 

In today’s extremely competitive ecommerce environment, customer loyalty has become an indispensable ingredient of lasting success. The subscription model, which by 2025 is predicted to create an economy worth $1.5 trillion globally, heavily contributes to keeping customers on board. 

💡 It may seem simple enough but customer loyalization is a prolonged process, requiring coordinated action involving branding, communication, support, and post-sales service. 

Growing a base of loyal customers starts with first contact. Although the exact numbers will be affected by a variety of factors, the cost of customer acquisition can be even 4-5 times higher than that of retention, especially if you consider how brand loyalty has been dropping from Millennials to Gen Z.

The role of rich experience

Designing an experience that will make contemporary customers stick calls for focusing on their unique needs and preferences. Personalization, gamification, and reward systems are a must. Communication supporting these efforts has to directly address the recipients, drawing on buying behaviors and previous purchase history. 

Considering how tech-savvy the latest generations are, brands need to make every effort to make sure their communication is straightforward, seamless, and meets its recipients where it suits them. The subscription model fits into this by opening up a channel — think Mobile Push Notifications — for consistent communication which facilitates repeat buying process

Habit formation through convenience

Ecommerce subscriptions have come a long way. From subbing for streaming, to now getting fast moving goods delivered to your doorstep on the regular. Convenience reigns supreme and will continue to do so. Customers save precious time while developing somewhat of a habit which is practically synonymous with loyalty. Canceling subscription creates a void which makes staying loyal to the brand a preferred state. 

💡 Implementing the subscription model allows ecommerce businesses to cut costs via retention and securing steady cashflow. 

This, however, won’t be possible without a balanced communication strategy keeping subscribers in the loop. Brands may want to consider a cross-channel strategy designed to maximize outreach and fit with the preferences of a diverse audience.

In essence, the subscription model is a powerful tool applicable in a variety of ecommerce contexts, capable of building and maintaining loyalty. The key to long-term success goes beyond simply getting the customer hooked and involves the way a brand communicates, creating a coherent and engaging experience across multiple touchpoints.

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