Connect With Customers and Drive Sales Using SMS: Messageflow Integration for Salesforce

Team MessageFlow
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June 6, 2024

MessageFlow, despite being a comprehensive standalone platform first and foremost, offers extensions for closer integration of its features with other tools in your tech stack. Using it with Salesforce allows you to securely deliver large volumes of text messages to drive revenue and customer loyalty. 

💡 Integrating Salesforce with MessageFlow enables efficient and convenient sending of both transactional and marketing SMS directly from the CRM platform.

This integration allows you to plan text message campaigns, coordinate them with your other actions, and incorporate mobile communication into your broader customer relationship management strategy.

What is Salesforce

Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management platform that defines how businesses interact with their customers. Its Marketing Cloud component is a powerful suite designed for customer engagement, with a number of features supporting your efforts in this area. 

It enables the creation of personalized customer journeys through advanced data analytics, driving deeper connections and enhancing customer experiences. Marketing Cloud facilitates marketing and sales automation, allowing your business to execute campaigns efficiently and track performance in real time. This comprehensive platform helps you increase sales, foster customer loyalty, and gain valuable insights, making it an essential tool for modern marketing strategies.

Integrating Salesforce with MessageFlow 

In and of itself, Salesforce is already a powerful solution. Integrating with MessageFlow further enhances its capabilities with the option to send marketing and transactional text messages to your global customer base directly from within the platform.

Why use the MessageFlow extension?

There's a number of strong reason for why you may want to turn to our integration for your Salesforce text messasging needs:

  • Send SMS to a previously created campaign

  • Send SMS from the contacts list

  • Send SMS from the contact card/details

  • Send SMS based on predefined events or conditions

  • Send ECO+ and FULL SMS

  • Create custom scenarios for sending text messages

  • View reports for recently sent messages

  • Define a custom sender name (sender ID)

To do all that and more, navigate to AppExchange, look up and install MessageFlow, and then head over to the App Launcher section, where you can complete the integration process.

About MessageFlow

MessageFlow is a cross-channel communication platform backed by extensive tech infrastructure facilitating global delivery of your messages.

💡 We use our direct connections with GSM operators worldwide to deliver 100+ mln SMS a month at a success rate of 99.99% and a maximum throughput of 6 mln messages an hour

Our platform’s major scaling capabilities combined with competitive per unit pricing make it an attractive addition to Salesforce for anyone looking to expand their customer management efforts with reliable promotional and transactional text messaging.

Moreover, we offer premium support and embed our services in a robust legal and security framework including but not limited to GDPR-compliance and a proprietary SMS anti phishing shield protecting you, your customers, and providing real-time alerts if any suspicious activity is detected.

If you'd like to learn more about integrating Salesforce with MessageFlow, contact us and talk to our Communication Experts who’ll be sure to assist and address any questions you may have.

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