AI Advocacy: Legal Frameworks for Creative Rights [Business Communication Trends 2024]

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June 13, 2024

Considering how extensive the generative artificial intelligence user base has become, AI-driven content creation starts to raise complex copyright questions. As algorithms advance, distinguishing authorship between human and machine becomes needed. 

Legal frameworks must evolve to protect human creators while promoting responsible AI use. Education and awareness are crucial for making our way in this newly discovered territory, ensuring compliance and ethical practices. 

Collaboration between public and private sectors will be essential in establishing standards that balance tech innovation with copyright protection.

Generation GPT

Towards the end of 2023, ChatGPT had 180+ mln users, and it’s just one of many such tools out in the market. Going into next year, we’re facing unprecedented challenges related to copyrights with regards to the use of artificial intelligence. As the technology progresses, with its various algorithms becoming ever-more complex, paying particular attention to copyrights is no longer an option but a necessity.

Advanced AI tools provide businesses with unheard-of assistance in terms of creating text, image, and other audio-visual content designed to be used across outlets like websites, social media, and cross-channel marketing and transactional communication with the intention to engage recipients. On the face of it it’s an incredible boon, however, upon closer inspection, it raises the question of who is the actual author - the software or the soft brain operating it? 

Protecting human creators

As AI algorithms get more creative, it becomes paramount to provide protection to human creators. Thus, legal frameworks pertaining to copyrights should start differentiating between human- and AI-generated content.  

Businesses taking advantage of artificial intelligence should do so responsibly so as to avoid potential copyright infringement. Regardless of whether they generate various types of content or analyze data, staying aware of the legal consequences of abuse will put them on the safe side.

💡 It becomes essential to forge regulations which are protecting copyrights while not hindering the development and innovation in the field of AI. Transparency and responsibility should be the two pillars for all stakeholders moving forward.

Sailing into uncharted waters

Education and awareness of the issue among businesses and creators alike is where the change starts. Parties in this equation, following the effective law and thus avoiding any potential dangers stemming from malpractice, are well-positioned for the future.

As the march of globalization and interconnectedness continues, it becomes vital to establish overarching standards and approaches for efficient protection of copyrights in the face of the growing role of artificial intelligence. This is an ethical thing to do but also something to balance out technological progress and human involvement in it. Tackling the challenge will require the cooperation between the private and public sector, as well as the society at large - an interesting task we haven’t really faced before.

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